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  • Download here the Excel spreadsheet Sun_57 by dialist Ricardo Cernic. It shows the ephemerides of sun, the actual values of many different hour types, the Equation of Time and sunrise/-set for different years.
    Eight Languages are offered: Czech, Dutch, English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish and Russian
  • The Zonnewijzerkring offers Fer de Vries' free software for the computation of flat sundials ZW2000. Since Fer de Vries has died his software is not updated any longer.
  • Software SONNE by Helmut Sonderegger calculates a big variety of sundial types on flat and cylindric planes.
  • The new version 2.6 of ALEMMA by Helmut Sonderegger calculates many types of analemmatic sundials. Also of course the "classical" type on a horizontal plane with a person as the shadow casting time indicator.
  • Another software (freeware) for the calculation of sundials is Orologi Solari e Meridiane by Gian Casalegno. Download from his web page.